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Tips and tricks for better content.

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Many businesses often opt to write their own content to keep costs down, and we’re fine with that.  But there are a few guidelines you can follow to make sure your getting the best out your content.  First of all you need to remember that no one goes to a website to trawl through loads

What’s so good about WordPress?

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Here are six reasons why a WordPress website will work for you.  1) WordPress website offer template based sites, which you can enhance with widgets and plugins to extend user functionality.  2) WordPress has a reputation as being easy to use, because it is. From the user interface through to the back end and dashboard,

Zappy Web is ready for take off!

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To celebrate our launch we’re giving you free hosting for a whole year when you get a website designed and built by us. We know getting a new website with some providers can be an expensive and slow process. So we aim to build your new website quickly and effectively to keep costs down for