5 Ways to get the Best Stock Images

Here’s Lee’s guide to finding the best stock images for your site.

1) Know where your image is going to be placed. If your chosen image is going to be full width, the image might benefit from depth or perspective, be aware that the outer edges might be cropped down. Some CMS systems request a certain size of image so that they can crop them for mobile variants of websites.

2) Think about how text might sit on the image. Choose an image with a plain section or a simple background that could accommodate text. Think about the colour of the text and your image, what combinations will work best?

3) Think about the colours within the image – Do they fit within your branding? Are you using colours, which will catch users eyes?

A recent study found that red, purple and pink promote sharing, so try to include those colours.

4) Make sure your image is telling the same story as your caption – Make sure your image and your accompanying text aren’t fighting each other. Avoid images that are, or could come across as controversial or garish.

5) Pick an image with a person – Human photos have a really positive impact of a trustworthiness or a website. A smiling face can help increase conversions.

Now you’ve got some helpful hints, why not try finding your own images. If you don’t feel comfortable searching for your own images, drop me an email to see how I can help you get the right image. happy@zappyweb.co.uk


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