What’s so good about WordPress?

Here are six reasons why a WordPress website will work for you.

 1) WordPress website offer template based sites, which you can enhance with widgets and plugins to extend user functionality.

 2) WordPress has a reputation as being easy to use, because it is. From the user interface through to the back end and dashboard, it is stress-free and straightforward to use.

 3) WordPress is supported across web browsers so will look appealing no matter if you’re a Chrome, Firefox, Safari or mobile user.

 4) Due to WordPress being so popular now, there are as many plug in’s and templates as you can imagine. We will always be able to find the right combination to suit you and your website.

 5) Your website will always be responsive, so no matter how someone is viewing it, it will always look and work consistently.

 6) Because WordPress websites are relatively simple and quick to build, the costs passed on to you will be generally a lot less than if you had built your site bespoke.

WordPress is great for small businesses and startups because it is cost effective and user friendly and will suit most function needs and requests. If we’ve convinced you WordPress is for you, email us happy@zappyweb.co.uk) for a free quotation and quote today!